What do I do if I Have a Toothache?

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Toothaches are acute and can cause sudden pain while others can be more gradual, with pain increasing over time. Some eventually subside on their own, depending on their cause, but can still be very bothersome.

A toothache could also be a sign of tooth decay or another dental condition and should be checked out immediately by a dentist. So what causes a toothache and what should you do to prevent them?

The tooth enamel on the outside of your teeth can erode when certain acids in your mouth break it down. When the enamel breaks down, the tooth nerve endings can become exposed, thus causing a tooth ache.

Sometimes, if the pain lessens or diminishes, it may be because the nerve ending has died. Even if this is the case, the decay will still be present and must be treated immediately by a dentist. If the pain worsens, it could be because of an infection.

There are a few ways to help prevent a toothache from occurring. The most important thing you can do to prevent a toothache is with good oral hygiene, such as brushing and flossing your teeth regularly. This can prevent tooth decay and kill the bad bacteria in your mouth. Kinds of toothpaste and rinses containing fluoride are also good options. Make sure to discuss with the dentist.

Flossing your teeth every night is a must. A toothbrush can only reach certain exposed areas of your teeth, leaving food and plaque stuck in hard to reach. The food and plaque will eventually cause tooth decay and cavities if left within your teeth.

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